Drones are a fantastic way to capture beautiful photos from unique perspectives. They can help us in emergencies, map sites for us, and even deliver packages to our front doors. But before any drone pilot decides to take to the skies, there are a few things you should do first. I’ve compiled a pre-flight checklist that every drone pilot should go over before turning on their drone.

  1. Can you fly at the target location? Is FAA Authorization needed for your flight?
  2. Identify potential hazards: Are there heliports nearby? Electric lines? Schools or crowds? How can you avoid them?
  3. What are the weather conditions? What are the wind speeds? I generally avoid flying if wind gusts exceed 15mph. Avoid rain and heavy snow.
  4. Are your batteries charged? Is your controller charged? The last thing you need is a drone up in the air losing connection to a dead controller.
  5. Inspect the drone. Are the rotor blades intact? Are there any defects on the body? If there are, any parts should be replaced before flight.

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