Photos you take on your cell phone don’t have to suck, so follow this pro-tip to post good eye candy to your feed.

Most photographers emphasize good composition, but all can agree that following the “Rule of Thirds” can make almost any photo eye catching.

It’s called the Rule of Thirds because the composition of the frame is broken into three parts, like this:

This composition gives your photo “structure.” There’s some science (psychology) behind it since your brain naturally looks for structure in any environment – it’s looking for a pattern. It’s why things like seashells are eye catching to us.

Aligning the subject of your photo to one of the interesting lines of the Rule of Thirds composition can help give your photo the structure it needs. Similarly, aligning the horizon of your photo to any of the horizontal lines in the composition will also improve it’s marketability. If you’re shooting a standing subject, try aligning the subject to either of the two vertical lines. .

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