In a previous post, we went over whether or not shooting RAW is right for you. In this post, we’re going to go over what shooting RAW actually does

Since RAW images are data files with information about light, they allow you to manipulate light in your images better than a standard JPG does. So what does this mean? Highlights, exposure, white balance, and vibrance look more natural when edited in post-production if you’re editing a RAW file. Take the next two photos as an example; can you tell which is the JPG and which is the RAW?

If you guessed that the brighter image was the RAW file, then you guessed correct. Both images were post-processed with the exact same settings in Lightroom, but since RAW images handle light information better, editing the exposure in this photo resulted in brighter, more vibrant light than what was processed in the JPG. The JPG would need a little more tweaking to get it close to the quality of the RAW image but in low light conditions, it’s incredibly difficult to get the clarity, exposure, and vibrance out of a JPG.

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